english to spanish translations:

technology, blockchain & tourism


You want to translate your tech, blockchain or tourism business but:

You need someone who understands your business.

You are worried that your competition will beat you.

You think maintaining your brand's identity is crucial.

You only look for a native Spanish translator.

You only trust in professional services.

You prefer a happy translator working on his passion.

so i can help you!

What are my services about?


Blockchain & financial translations

  I specialise in blockchain translations because I am an enthusiastic believer in this disrupting technology. Besides, I am an active user of smart contracts or decentralised solutions, and an investor in stocks, ETFs, futures and CFDs as well.



IT translations

  Technology is part of my live. I was a developer years ago, but I was a better linguist, so I decided to translate about my passion. I translate about technology, internet, video games, e-commerce or software.


Tourism and travel translations

As a travel blogger, travelling is something I love. Hence, I can understand the tourism industry, tours, atractions, hotels, destinations and so on. Do you want to see me travelling? Visit my website Quiero ser libre.

i also translate about:

Vegan food & nutrition

As a vegan, I run my own vegan blog called Tu Receta Vegana, full of healthy and delicious recipes!



Literature has always been special for me, and I enjoy reading and translating fiction books.

how do i work?

In a personalized and crafted way

So, I you are looking for urgent and automatic jobs maybe I am not the person you are looking for.

Driven by my passions

I only translate about the topics I love.

In a professional way

I have dedicated decades of my life to study and learn (master, degree, courses, professional learning). So, I am not the person you are looking for if you think I will work for free.


Price depends on the difficulty of the material and your urgency requirements.
Please ask me for a quote clicking the button and filling the form.

I have to think about it carefully.

You can reach 600 million customers from Spanish speaking countries! No reason to think.

Will it be expensive?

I am a native Spanish professional translator, specialised in technology, blockchain and tourism. I understand the topics I translate because I have been an active user of them for so long and I really love them. I think this is priceless.

May I pay with Paypal, card or bank transfer?

Yes, you can pay with Paypal, debit or credit card and bank tranfer.

Do you accept payments in bitcoin?

Yes! I also accept payments in Ethereum and Monero.

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