I’m alberto pardo

english to spanish translator


 I help tech & tourism projects to connect with 600 million customers 


Yes, it is possible to reach a massive spanish audience!

Now, close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine that…

...you avoid non-professional translators.

...your project spreads along America and Spain.

...your idea changes the world.

...you surpass & beat your competition.

...your company boosts its revenues.

hi, i’m alberto pardo
and i can Open the doors of the
spanish market for you!

Blockchain translations Spanish

I am a tech fan since early childhood, when I started using MS-DOS and Windows 4.1 or watching science-fiction movies. Along years, I’ve taken advantage of every single opportunity to try any new technology the world has placed in my hands.

One day I decided to combine my two passions: technology and languages to translate for entrepreneurs and startups to assist them to reach a Spanish audience.

Besides, in 2010 I travelled around South America and it blowed my mind. Since then, I am a travel blogger who travels the world enjoying and writing about every single destination. Now I also translate for the tourism sector.

I help tourism projects and technological start-ups to translate their material to reach all the customers of the Spanish speaking countries of the world (600 million!).

I specialise in:

Travel & Tourism

I am a travel blogger! And I love helping others to translate anything realted to this sector.



I have strong background in the tech sector, being myself a developer some years ago.


I am a firm believer in decentralisation, being not only an investor but an active user as well.


I am active investor in bitcoin and other assets, like dividend growth stocks or ETFs.

Video games

One of my passions is localising video games (and playing them!).


I can get into the mind of your software to make it useful for Spanish customers.


If you run an online shop I can understand your needs because I also own online shops since 2012.

Vegan food & nutrition

As a vegan, I run my own vegan blog, full of healthy and delicious recipes!



Literature has always been special for me, and I enjoy reading and translating fiction books.



Master's degree in New Technologies Applied to Translation

Gdansk University, Poland.


Degree in English Studies: Language, Literature and Culture

UNED, Madrid, Spain.


Senior Technician in Development of Software

IES Jaume Balmes, Barcelona, Spain.

About Me

Hello, my name is Alberto Pardo, and I am from Spain. I am a professional English to Spanish translator and I specialise in the technology sector, specially in blockchain projects, video games, software, e-commerce and internet. Nevertheless, I have other passions, like travelling, good food, blogging and literature, and this is the reason why I also specialised in tourism, food and fiction translations.

Latest blog posts:

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