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Why I specialised in travel and tourism translations

I want to take this article to tell you a little bit about me, so that you can understand the reasons why a professional translator decides to specialise in travel and tourism translations. Why tourism and not another kind of translation? Being practical, there are more profitable markets in the world of translation, and also there are others that should not be so affected by health crises or other problems that may affect the tourism sector worldwide.

Then why? The answer is very simple: pure passion. I consider it is much more productive and enriching work in a sector you like and that makes you happy. And that, definitely, will make others happy. But I’m going to tell you a little more about all of this in this article, which is a little more personal than usual.

Why I specialised in travel and tourism translations

Actually, when I say that I am a translator specialized in tourism and travel, I am already saying a lot about myself. As you can imagine, I love travelling. But I will better detail it here below.

Passion for travelling

There is no better reason to dedicate yourself to a certain activity than your own passion for that same activity. And when you discover that you are a passionate about something in life, you cannot help but trying to find a way to fit your occupation to this activity.

In my case, as my other passion had always been the knowledge of foreign languages, combining tourism and languages to fulfill my career as a translator was a decision too easy to take: working in something that would make me happy.

Fascination with other cultures

If there was something that attracted me so much from the idea of travelling, it was to meet all that abundance that comprises the world. Garments of striking colors, different ethnic groups, geographical features, rivers, lakes, volcanoes, islands… and what about the monuments? Or history? And the gastronomy? For me, travelling the world means approaching everything that fascinates me, and doing it through translation helps me to keep always “on the road”.

A childhood looking at world maps

I still remember those childhood days when I spent hours “exploring” the world. I would pick up an atlas, open the maps, and “travel” with my imagination. And I travelled the capitals of the world, read the data and dreamed of visiting those places one day.

Years later, being aware that I was visiting those places that I dreamed of as a child, I realized that I was fulfilling my childhood dreams.


Before that year, I had traveled sporadically, and always in Europe. But in 2010 I had the opportunity to take an old backpack and travel the South American continent from Buenos Aires to Bogotá, experiencing so many things, such as Iguazú, the Inka Trail, the Amazon jungle… and all of it seasoned with cultures, ethnic groups, climates, meals (and beers) that, when I returned to Spain, I could never be the same person again. Then China, Thailand, India, Morocco… Without a doubt, it changed my life forever.

Because I am a travel blogger

As one of my passions had always been writing, in 2018 I decided to open my own travel and investments blog in Spanish, called Quiero ser libre. And although I had already been writing online for a long time, in that year I decided to open my own travel space in which to narrate everything related to my passion. So who could be better than a travel blogger translator to carry out travel and tourism translations?

I want to help people who love to travel and make a living from it

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why I decided to combine my two passions in a single profession, languages and travelling, it came to me the idea of helping other people. As a client and user of travel platforms myself, and agencies, activities and everything related to that sector, I have been in contact with professionals of all kinds all these years.

People with illusions, brave entrepreneurs with projects that convey happiness, people wanting to go forward and improve the world. And since I know how difficult it is to run a business, I want to help them personally to translate their projects into Spanish and help them to reach 700 million customers around the world.


The arrival of the virus was catastrophic, destroying the lives of millions of people all around the world. And it goes without saying the pain it caused to the tourism industry. But nothing lasts forever. Everything must pass, bad things too, as well as the virus.

After that time, people will travel again, like never done before, and those tourism businesses which survive will be able to hoard the market share from other companies which did not survive. Tourism will resurface and it will do it strongly. Don’t you think the best thing to do is to be ready for it?

And up to here my reasons why I became a translator specialised in travel and tourism translations. Of course, if you are interested in hiring my services, please let me invite you to visit my services page.

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About Alberto Pardo

Hi! I am Alberto Pardo and I am a the founder of Aurora Borealis Translations. I translate from English to Spanish about the topics I love: technology and tourism.

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