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How translation can ease blockchain mass adoption

Really? Could translation help cryptocurrency mass adoption? Here I am going to try to convince you that translating every single blockchain project could be more important than you might think regarding mass adoption.

It is well known that one of the biggest headaches in the world of blockchain is how to get people to use it. New projects and uses appear constantly but most people remain oblivious to them, even though some of them could be really impressive and could change (for the better) the lives of most. The fact is that there are some issues that still remain.

The classic problems that cryptocurrency based projects face

Although it has been years since blockchain is among us, many of its classic problems still persist. Some of them are the following:

  • Volatility and speculation: most cryptos are too volatile for people to be regarded as everyday currencies. Furthermore, speculation (although not bad) is still the main motivation that leads to its use.
  • Scalability: although new projects that overcome the previous ones are always emerging, the truth is that the most classic blockchain-based projects still have to be able to be used in a massive way.
  • Regulation: the more obstacles goverments and institutions put on cryptocurrencies, the more difficult it will be for entrepreneurs and startups to make them grow and extend their use.
  • Reputation: Even today we find cases of hacks and thefts and, of course, news about illegal activities with bitcoin do not help either.

How translation can ease crypto mass adoption

Well, maybe at this point you are wondering how translation can help solve the problems mentiones above. Obviously, it cannot do it because they are not its field. Those issues will have to be solved by the crypto sphere little by little. However, the translation of blockchain projects can contribute within its limits. Let’s see two simple facts.

Improve reputation

With a so affected reputation by news talking about money laundering, theft or any other kind of crime, the world of blockchain needs projects that show a proper image, and a good way to do this is having a solid brand by means of an international project.

Here is where translation appears, which is the key that will open the door of greats projects to millions of people from other countries. However, this does not mean that any solution could be used, since users are increasingly demanding and cannot tolerate a poor translation carried out by Google Translate nowadays. A project must not only be understandable in the target language, but also must be presented as if it had been originally created in the target language, so a professional translation is essential. Of course, the Spanish-speaking countries are a good example of this.

Decrease complexity and extend their everyday use

One of the other things that could work to facilitate adoption would be the creation of user-friendly apps. Nevertheless, it is difficult to imagine how an idea (even a good idea) could be spread if it would only be available in one single language. It is true that English has become the lingua franca nowadays, but it is also a fact that many people do not like to use it in activities of their daily lives. So, the easier we make it for end users, the better. And that’s where good product localization becomes essential. Who would use a poorly translated app?

Finally, we can assert that having your blockchain project translated into Spanish will make that millions of people will contribute to make mass adoption more and more possible. Do not you think so? Please, let me know in the comments below.

Do you need to translate your project?

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