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Why I am a technology translator

Translation is not something you choose, it chooses you… or something like that. When you become a technology translator it is (maybe) because you have alredy tried many other things in life, like me. Some people say it is not possible to make a living as a translator. Others think this profession will be engulfed but the “evil robots”. They are wrong. Translation, as a profession, is more alive than ever. And robots are our “strategic partners”.

Some reasons why I am a technology translator

There are too many reasons to be a tech translator. Let’s see some of them.

Technology is a dominant industry

One could think about the industry. In fact, technology is one of the most important sectors of these days, and it will be even more dominant in the near future. How do I know? It is very easy. Just have a look at the biggest companies of the world by market cap. Take the list and see the top 10, or the top 20. Yes: Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon are the largest companies of the world, and they are technological companies.

Also, there are others which could be seen as IT too, like Visa, Tesla or Alibaba. Now imagen all the start-ups that are being created continuously. Yes, there will be a lot of work to be done. If they want to succeed they will need to reach other markets, like the Spanish one, and I will be happy to help them.

I was a developer years ago

Yes! One should think that this fact makes me having a great advantage over my competition. And this is true. As a person who has studied and worked on this sector, I can understand what the “evil robots” want to say by means of using HTML, Java, Visual Basic, C# or the use of variables, strings, conditionals, libraries or loops. Indeed, this knowledge plus my absolute love for languages made an easy prey for tecnnological translation.

I am a little bit geek

Or freak? Well, I prefer the term geek. But I cannot hide that I have been a tech lover since I was a child. I can remember my curiosity towards every single new device I could try with my own hands. I spent hours pressing buttons, setting presets or customizing options. Oh, my god… and I had to admit that I played a lot of video games too. Not to mention that I was fascinated with science-fiction movies. Ah… what a good times.

The best reason to be a technology translator: I want to help the best minds

Well, all the previous reasons are not bad to be a technology translator. But there is another one which is much more important than all the others put together. And I am talking about helping and connecting with the most brilliant minds to make their business better. I really enjoy the idea of opening the doors of Spanish markets for them. But not only that, because doing this I am acting as the point of union of the best new technologies and all Spanish speaking persons of the world. In the end, I help bringing the best technologies to 600 million persons. And that makes me feel good.

Did you like my reasons to be a tech translator? Great. Why do not you have a look at my services? See you soon!

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About Alberto Pardo

Hi! I am Alberto Pardo and I am a the founder of Aurora Borealis Translations. I translate from English to Spanish about the topics I love: technology and tourism.

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