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Should I translate my website into Spanish?

Should you translate your website into Spanish or not? This is a very common question among entrepreneurs and start-ups. But the real questions is… why not? Why should you renounce so many benefits for the future of your business? Let’s discuss about it.

Should you translate your website into Spanish o not?

Translating a website into other language is a question some people starts to ask themselves when they are planning to expand their business, idea or project to other markets. And in my opinion this is a great idea. It is out of question that the real essence of any business is the economic growth. Well, there is not a better way to grow than opening the door of a huge market.

Spanish speaking countries are a huge market

Yes, it is. Imagen that you are sitting inside your business, just looking through a big transparent glass. You can see people going in and out your business, as usual. But now, imagen that outside the glass there are 600 million persons. Wow!

Increases sales

Could you imagen the real importance of such a huge market? Just estimate the increasing sales, revenues and profits. Should you give up the opportunity of having such a growth? It is undeniable that it is plenty of opportunities out of there for those looking for them.

Think big. Be global

When you open a business, or you are drafting a project or a great idea, you should think big. Why should you close the doors of global markets yourself? Why renounce to reach all these people waiting for your incredible idea, project or business? I makes no sense.

“Think big. Be global and translate your website into Spanish”.


Only the best ideas deserve a global reach. Those which are not enough interesting or useful fall by the wayside. So, if your business gets through the net of merit, it will need to be translated into Spanish to settle as a reputed project. Your business will become global and prestigious.

The customer is getting more and more demanding

Years ago, you could see some companies using Google Translate to localize their websites. But times have changed and now any reputed business would use this “fast and cheap” solution. And the reason is not only that the results are very poor, but also that the customer will not accept a poorly translated website anymore. They are more and more demanding even about language.

Will you translate your website into Spanish?

After these straightforward reasons, what do you think now? Do not you consider that your website needs to be trasnlated to Spanish before your competition? Will you remain closing the doors of 600 million customers?

Once things have become clearer I strongly recommend you to rely your website on a professional native Spanish translator.

translate your website into spanish

If you consider to translate your website into Spanish contact me or have a look at my services page.

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Hi! I am Alberto Pardo and I am a the founder of Aurora Borealis Translations. I translate from English to Spanish about the topics I love: technology and tourism.

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